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Are you looking to translate your website, blog articles, or marketing materials into English?

Are you concerned about alienating your readers with poorly translated content?

If so, you should consider using a native English writer, not just a translator, to help ensure your message is conveyed accurately and effectively to English-speaking audiences.

As a professional content writer, I will translate using Google Translate or DeepL (the best translation tools on the market) and rewrite your website, blog, or article so that it maintains its essence and meaning, but communicates more effectively to your audience.

What’s wrong with just using Google Translate alone?

Google Translate and other translators can do a wonderful translation, but it’s still very basic. As they’re purely machine-based, they lack emotion.

Machine-based translators don’t consider the deeper aspects of content writing, such as your intention, tone of voice, and target audience, and thus fail to communicate your ideas and concepts in a way that captures the reader.

So, could I hire a human translator instead?

You may also encounter similar problems, particularly if English is their second language. Translators can do an excellent job, and you’ll receive an accurately translated piece of work; however, if the translator doesn’t grasp the English language, the overall content may sound odd to native English readers.

This is why you need an English writer, not just a translator, who can rewrite your translated content.

If you’re trying to reach an English-speaking audience, you’ll need high-quality, professionally written content; relying solely on Google Translate or other translators won’t cut it.

What does this process involve?

If your website, blog, or written content has not yet been translated, I will start by translating it using Google Translate or DeepL, and I’ll familiarize myself with your work to better understand what and how you want to communicate to your readers.

Whether you’re trying to educate or inform readers professionally or casually, or selling your products and services, I can rewrite in various tones to suit your target audience.

By 'rewriting', I mean transforming the translated content to bring it to life, ensuring efficient use of vocabulary and sentence structure that sounds like proper English and captures the essence of what you’re trying to communicate.


☑ Attract more visitors from the English-speaking world.

☑ Connect and engage with English-speaking readers more effectively.

☑ Sell your products and services to a global audience.

How much does it cost?

All translation work is priced per 500 words, with reduced rates for bulk orders:

Up to 10,000 Words: £40 per 500 words

10,000 - 50,000 words: £37.50 per 500 words

50,000+ words: £35 per 500 words

50% OFF first 500 Words (£20 for 500 words) for new customers

Please get in touch via the form below to provide details of the content you need translated, and I'll provide a quote for the work.

Andrew Patrick

Professional Writer

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Mandarin Chinese

Pierre Ardisson

Hotel Manager, Bournemouth

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Andrew Patrick to translate 10,000 words of our hotel's website content from French to English, and I must say, the experience was nothing short of exceptional! We are a popular hotel and in Bournemouth, and it's important that we provide accurate and engaging information to our diverse clientele, and Andrew Patrick delivered beyond my expectations.

Furthermore, the translation service was delivered in a timely manner, which was crucial for our website's launch. Andrew Patrick adhered to the agreed-upon deadline (which was quite tight) without compromising on the quality or accuracy of the translation. Highly recommend!"

Hannah Weber

Travel Blog Writer, Glasgow

"Andrew provided flawless translations for 20 of my blog articles, from Spanish into English. The translated articles maintained the authenticity and voice of my blog while incorporating travel-specific terminology and cultural nuances. Andrew's timely delivery and commitment to excellence made the entire process stress-free. I highly recommend his service for anyone in need of accurate translations for a website or blog.

Thank you Andrew, for your exceptional work!"

Simon Becker

Chauffeur Company, London

"Andrew Patrick delivered outstanding results for my chauffeur company's website translation. His style of writing and attention to detail is exceptional. He captured the essence of our business in flawless English, and the content is of a higher quality than we have had before from other translators.

The timely delivery and commitment to excellence was much appreciated, plus he was a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Andrew's translation service to anyone considering it."

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a translator?

I’m not a translator myself, but a content writer. I don’t need to understand your native language, as Google Translate will handle that. But I will rewrite the entire translated text, going beyond just making simple modifications and adjustments to make it a joy to read for English-speaking readers.

I have a website already translated into English. Can you check out my site to ensure it’s properly translated and reads well?

Yes, I can proofread your website and highlight areas that need improvement. Contact me for a quick consultation.

Is there a limit to how many languages you can work with?

If Google or Deep L can translate it, or if you already have a translated piece of work, then we’re good to go.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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